Saturday, June 14, 2014

Getting to the Basics of GoogleForms

I LOVE GoogleForms! I use them for EVERYTHING! Collecting student contact information at the beginning of the year, collecting coordinator information in my region, collecting birthday dates for the teachers in our staff..... if you need to collect information of any kind, Googleforms is the BEST way to do it!!! And there is SO much more you can do with it, as well!

I am going to be giving a "GoogleForms Help" session in our summer REED conference for coordinators, and have prepared these two short tutorials (00:07:13 + 00:10:39) to give participants the basic steps they'll need for preparing a GoogleForm. Since the sessions will be only 45 minutes each, I decided to do it the "Flipped Classroom" way: doing the teaching through the tutorial, and asking the coordinators who signed up for the workshops, to learn the basics before the sessions, then come prepared with ideas for how to use the GoogleForms. Then at the session, rather than instructing, I will be able to walk around and facilitate, in the hopes that my participants will leave the room with a GoogleForm that they will be able to use.

The first tutorial is for anyone who has never made a GoogleForm before. You need to go to your GoogleDrive (and if you do not know how to use GoogleDrive, let me know, I will prepare my next blog on that!) and create a "form".

The rest is explained in the YouTube tutorial here:

The second tutorial explains how to make a self-answering quiz. I am not referring to a quiz that is self GRADING (that is done with a script called Flubaroo, which I will be happy to explain in another blog). I am referring to a self-answering quiz which lets the students know if they answered correctly or not. It is not for grading purposes. It is not even necessary that the teacher collect their responses. Since the self-answering quiz will not let them proceed unless they have given the correct response, it is sort of a moot point. But you MIGHT want to get their names so that you can see who went in to do it!  Here is the second tutorial:


So... do YOU love GoogleForms?! Do YOU use them all the time? Share the creative ways you use them with us here!

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  1. This is EXACTLY what I hadn't been able to figure out! thank you! I got the part about collecting info but was missing this part, which is important for my counseling job (when I don't meet the students and don't want to collect their answers).