Tuesday, March 22, 2016

OK Google (Siri, move over!)

Just writing a "mini"blog post in response to talk on a program this morning, all excited about Siri - the built-in "digital assistant" on iPhones, now coming in Hebrew. But we've already GOT OK Google! And when one of the show hosts mentioned OK Google and the others hadn't heard of it, I decided that I MUST write about OK Google. 

So... what IS OK GOOGLE?

You know how when you are driving and you have to call someone but your hands need to be on the wheel? Or when you need directions? Or when you're baking and your hands are full of dough?

Just say: "OK Google" and say what you need! 

"Show me directions to get to 35 Ben Gruion Ashkelon"

"How much is 3 ounces in grams?"

"Where is the nearest supermarket?"

"What's the weather forecast for Tel Aviv"

"What is Purim"?

Try it with your students and see how it works for them! Maybe they need to work on their accents a bit to get it understanding them. Now THAT's a good thing! Besides - it understands Hebrew, too!

Go into Google Play and Install Google Now to start playing around with it!

Google now has a sense of humor, too! Try these, for a laugh (well..because..... PURIM! :0)

Try these questions:

1. "What is the loneliest number?"
2. "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"
3. "Who are you?"

And my favorite:

4. "Do a barrel roll"

Any ideas for how to use this with your EFL students? SHARE!!!!

Digitally yours, 

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