Sunday, July 16, 2017

Digitally Yours: A new YouTube Channel is Born!

Just a SHOUT OUT, because I am SO excited to invite you to my new YouTube Channel!

Many of you are already tuning in to my tutorials, but now , after having the thrilling experience of getting super-inspiring training in the YouTube Academy for Teachers, I have been convinced to jump into the deep end and open a dedicated YouTube Channel just for YOU. 

The theme is No Teacher Left Behind, and I plan to invite you into my home once a week, so I can share ideas for ways to take advantage of digital pedagogy and internet tools in the classroom. I have a ton of tips for you for classroom use as well as helping you keep track of stuff, work, collaborate and lots more! We can converse in the comments under the clips, and I will try to answer any questions you have. If you have special requests, I’ll do my best to work those in as well. 

I plan to start off each week with a new video! To be sure you don’t miss any of them and hit the “SUBSCRIBE” button!

Digitally yours, 


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