Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eureka! I bit the bullet and DID it! We had our second practice HOA today just before the first Webinar, and then.. the Overview. Not that it was without glitches. Like anything else on the computer, one needs to practice a lot... but by the time we get through a few of these sessions, I should feel quite confident! 

Some of the participants were without headsets - which made the feedback from the speakers really annoying - and it wasn't until the end that Howie suggested that whenever someone is not talking, they mute their mikes (and then Mickey pointed out that we can mute each others'!) There is so much going on at once... it's not easy to keep up. I had trouble sharing the slides with everyone, and then in the end, when I asked for feedback, I was unable to get my picture back.. but the feedback was great (despite the glitches) and I have a really good feeling about this project. I believe it is THE way to spread the Google-word and get teachers connected and collaborating - with their students as well as their colleagues. 

If you are a teacher trainer and you want to join, please sign up on the course website homepage. If you want to view the recordings, they will all be on the site. Here is the page with the first Webinar recording, and the While you Wait slide show where anyone interested in participating in the course, and enrolled, is invited to follow instructions and add a slide (please be sure not to delete someone else's work).

Or.... you can just watch the Webinar recording from here!

So, despite the glitches, and despite the background noise, we managed to have some pretty good discussion and sharing! I look forward to more sessions with these great teacher trainers!

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