Thursday, May 23, 2013

First Steps into Bloggerdom

A Blog. Yeah, right. That's ALL I need. NOT!!!

But maybe - yes?

  • Woman
  • Mother
  • American-Israeli
  • Kibbutznick
  • Gaza border dweller
  • Teacher
  • Teacher-Counselor
  • Medical clown

Maybe a blog is what I need to pull all of these things together.

The dominant focus of my Blog would be Digital Pedagogy, since that is how I "got here", when my mentor, Aviv, suggested that blogging would be a the ultimate tool for getting my professional voice out there, as a teacher-counselor on the team of Leaders in Digital Pedagogy in Israel. Although the other aspects which comprise who I am, influence everything else I do in life, and work, in one way or another. I sometimes wonder how I got here.... but I guess that question is not really relevant, considering the fact that I AM here, I AM comfortable here, and I will try to work it into some sort of rhythm. 

Wish me luck!