Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Promises, promises, promises

I know.... I promised (mostly to myself, but also to my all-of-two followers, that I would make an effort to post more regularly. Well... no more promises. I'll post when I can, or, more accurately, only when I have something to say. Maybe if I have less to live up to, I will manage to do so :-)

Anyway, I am really excited about an experiment on which I am embarking this year with my 10th graders. In my school (Nofei Habsor) we do the Bagrut Research (aka: NBA... but it's not really new any more) Project in the 10th grade. I have done lots of projects in the past, and always get a few kids who lose them by the time we get to the oral bagrut in the 12th grade. Since our school is highly technological, and all of the kids who are in the 10th grade today got laptops when they came into school in the 7th grade, I decided to embark on a paperless-project experiment! Most (but not all) of the work will be done online! I have prepared a template for it in Googlesites, and plan to teach my students to make their own project website. They will be working in pairs, as we always do for the project. Each of their sites will be visible to the others, when they are completed.

Not EVERYTHING will be online. I still want to see drafts and they will still need to write some things by hand. But I am hoping that there will no longer be a problem with misplaced or lost projects! (And, hopefully, they will learn a lot about Google-stuff on the way!)

I will keep you posted here! (Promise? ;0)

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