Sunday, December 28, 2014

Movenote - Recording within Chrome

Have you ever heard of Movenote? It's an add-on for Chrome that ALSO works from within Gmail.  Movenote makes it really easy to add a recorded explanation to a picture or slides from your computer or Google Drive.

For example, in order to remind my students of a spelling quiz today, and where they can find the rule that they needed to practice for today, I went into Gmail, and clicked on Movenote:

...then recorded and sent it to them via email:


AND they could either reply to my message by making a recording, themselves OR by sending me a note!

Here is an example of how you can learn to use it for a Flipped Classroom lesson, where you want to teach something BEFORE class, so that the students can practice and implement it IN class, when YOU are there to help them (that is the philosophy of Flipped Classroom.. but that’s for another installment).

I hope that is clear enough for you to feel ready to play around with it. It’s great to teach to your students, as well, for their oral presentations!

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